My journey - battling lymphoma

Recently I celebrated my 46th birthday. I love celebrating birthdays! Then I participated as a co-captain for our local "Quabog" Relay For Life and the Pack 57 Rocks! Cub Scout Team. This was the time frame that I had discovered an uneasiness in my stomach and growth in my spleen and stomach. After weeks of monitoring, my husband Steve took me to the doctor who felt the lumps and ordered a CT scan. The CT scan showed a massive area, my spleen enlarged to twice its size and an additional growth lower in my stomach. Next was the localized CT guided biopsy and subsequent PET scan. The biopsy showed positive for lymphoma and most likely Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma.

This is my online journal sharing my experience through battling this cancer that has abruptly entered my life for no apparent reason. The story is documented here if you want to start from the beginning, you can check the archives on the side bar.

As a top competitive master athlete this year winning my age group at the Marine Corps Marathon and placing 3rd in the New England Trail Running Championship I have been truly excited with my results of late and am a truly driven athlete. Driven by goals.... my goal right now.... to beat this "thing"!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Monster Mash 5K

It was great to be home during Halloween weekend -- and fun to be a part of all of that is happening in this great community that we live in.  I love to run a race on the holidays as the tshirts and festivity of it all just makes me so happy.  SO - in support of the Clapp Memorial Library we headed up to the Common and I put on my Wonder Woman costume, knowing it would fit right in with all the costumes around!   :)

We were so happy to see Trish & Jacob Sorber, friends of ours that we have known since Marin & Eliza were in Schuyler's kindergarten class.  The twins are always so amazing --- I remember the comment Jacob made to me when Schuyler went to the girls birthday party -- "We think Schuyler has replaced Diego!" -- the girls just love Schuyler.  :)  He is such a shy kid and not mixing with all the girls right now - so he kept his distance and refused a photo op.  Oh well.  I got some great photos of all the kids!  Jacob is a cancer survivor and it was great to share my experiences and some how when you talk to others that have experienced what you have gone through in cancer treatment - it truly creates a special bond, one I never would have known before.  For that I am thankful.  I love the velour hippie outfit full of color and Jacob's dyed bluish purple hair.  :)

The kids got their dash in first and the day was so clear and crisp.  Schuyler actually put some speed on his run and it was good to see!  :)  He loves soccer, skiing and all sports --- so great to have an active boy!   I think he is actually looking forward to skiing, and is going up to Vermont with his good friend Aidan next weekend to get that winter excitement brewing!  ;)

Then we lined up for the Monster Mash 5K - a 3.1 mile run around some side streets starting and ending at the Library.  I meet this girl Jill, a triathlete - who everyone was eyeing as she is the fast girl in town.  :)  She was so sweet and it was great to connect once I chatted with her about different athletic events we had done at the same time.  She was in Clearwater at the World's 1/2 Ironman Championship after qualifying at Timberman.  Both races I had done at the same time.  She said she was so happy to finally meet me -- such a great energy to connect with - hopefully we will connect to train when I am feeling better down the road.
Schuyler - not one for impromptu photos :) 

I love the start of races, so exhilarating and full of energy -- everyone sprinting their way and working to get their pace.  I am never very good about hanging in the back, so I push to the front as we round the common, soon to be passed by Jill and one other young girl.  It is such a beautiful area with all the colors still on the leaves it made for such a beautiful run around town. 

Trisha ran with me for a little while and then I had to stop and tie my shoe.  My stomach wasn't feeling so hot and probably from the crash earlier my breathing just wasn't on --- and I really didn't feel like pushing much -- so I eyed the corners of each turn and looked at my Garmin for the mileage and eventual finish.  Steve could tell I wasn't pushing and got some great photos of me floating to the finish.  :) I kept my Chicago Marathon track jacket on the whole way as the weather was definitely a bit chilly for a tank top.   The last part of the race was uphill on Route 181 and the wind was at our face as we ran up the last hill.  Not actually a PR flat course for some you could hear grumbling about the "hill" at the finish.  :)  But me, I love hills - it is definitely an advantage to love hills and love challenges.  Makes you stronger in the end.  :)

It was great to see Steve and get my big hug at the finish -- :)  23 minutes for a 5K - just about a 7 min/mile - not to bad for a jog around town.  Can't wait to feel better so I can push harder.  I have a feeling when I come back from this I will be stronger than ever.  I just feel it.

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Ashley Sisk said...

YOu amaze me - if I could run 5 miles in 23 minutes, I'd be ecstatic....I stick to lifting weights and about 15 minutes of running before I call it a day. Anyways, I'm glad you had a good Halloween. Just wanted to stop by and say hello!