My journey - battling lymphoma

Recently I celebrated my 46th birthday. I love celebrating birthdays! Then I participated as a co-captain for our local "Quabog" Relay For Life and the Pack 57 Rocks! Cub Scout Team. This was the time frame that I had discovered an uneasiness in my stomach and growth in my spleen and stomach. After weeks of monitoring, my husband Steve took me to the doctor who felt the lumps and ordered a CT scan. The CT scan showed a massive area, my spleen enlarged to twice its size and an additional growth lower in my stomach. Next was the localized CT guided biopsy and subsequent PET scan. The biopsy showed positive for lymphoma and most likely Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma.

This is my online journal sharing my experience through battling this cancer that has abruptly entered my life for no apparent reason. The story is documented here if you want to start from the beginning, you can check the archives on the side bar.

As a top competitive master athlete this year winning my age group at the Marine Corps Marathon and placing 3rd in the New England Trail Running Championship I have been truly excited with my results of late and am a truly driven athlete. Driven by goals.... my goal right now.... to beat this "thing"!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Are you ready for this? :) 61 days...

Quote of the day: 
“Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ‘Holy shit…what a ride!’” ~Hunter S. Thompson

Power Song of the Week: 
"Don't Let Me Fall"  by B.o.B.
I was up so high looking down at the sky - don't let me fall
I was shooting for stars on a Saturday night
They say what goes up must come down, 
But don't let me fall...

Weekly Vitals: 
98/60 = BP
66 = pulse
141.5 = weight
98.6 = temp
Still 5'6" (darn I thought I would at least gain an inch!) :)
Blood levels = 11.8 (normal 12)
Photo:  My finish at Mt Wachusett in June

(Gotta love Daily Mile & my Garmin 405 = motivation from new & old friends!)

July 19 week = 35 miles

July 26 week= 48 miles
August 2 week = 52 miles 
Longest run = 8/2 = 18.2 miles
Trail pace 10 min/mile
Road pace 8.5 min/mile

Racing Targets

Never give up! BUT always listen to your body!
Mt Toby (MA) 14 miler - 11 days
Race to the Top of VT = 19 days

Applefest (NH) 1/2 marathon = 46 days

Leaf Peepers 1/2 marathon  (VT) (tentative) = 53 days

Chicago Marathon = 61 days 

Chicago Marathon Plan!
Have Fun!

ACS DetermiNation fundraising efforts - $276 of $1000 goal met to date

ACS DetermiNation schedule of events TBA

Elite B coral with Cara

 I am Wonder Woman & Cara is Batgirl!  (Capes and all!)  My sister Laura is in process of making our costumes RIGHT now!)  How FUN is that!  :)
Judy joined Team Boston or Bust!  :)  Thanks Judy! 
Charlie will be there -- will he have pink hair again????
DP Turtle (aka David Pittman) is bringing CAKE!  :)
Staying at the Marriott with my love!  Going to Bin 36!  My fave Chitown restaurant

We are all so excited for Chicago --- I am watching my blood levels and my body response to training and so far so good!  :)  Chicago is one of my favorite flat and fast marathons.  Just need to watch the heat!  But of course with my new friend / elite runner Cara is sacrificing a PR to pace me --- so I will have a personal race monitor.  I am so lucky to have the support of so many runner friends and ACS colleagues and volunteers at this race - it WILL be the best marathon for those and many other reasons!  Yay!

Posting here the prototypes for Batgirl and Wonder Woman! 

Also my latest ChiPower Playlist!


Nancy E said...

The costumes look fab... the shoes on the other hand look a wee bit to "high" to run a marathon in.. but you could probably pull it off (lol).... Love to you and your family (dod and all)....Be well..
Love EditaVT

From Edita (had to reformat this post and didn't want to delete her comment!)

Joyce Pemberton said...

I've spent a lot of time in Chemo rooms but NEVER have I seen a patient looking so great and sexy and positive all at once!!!! You are an inspiration - you go Nancy!!!! So proud of you!!!

Laurie said...

Go, Nancy! You are looking great! My thoughts and prayers are with you this week.

MBP said...

Hey Nancy

Just checking in on you. I agree with Joyce and the look great and are such an inspiration!

If you need me to do anything for always. IM HERE!!

Melanie (Smith)